Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

admin February 17, 2020

There are a wide variety of bathroom mirrors to choose from depending on user taste, preference and financial status among other factors. The size of your bathroom is another major factor that will determine the kind of mirrors you can install.

Bathroom mirrors are available in a variety of different shapes, styles and designs. The mirror can be secured in a frame for example a wooden mahogany frame , a plastic frame or can be secured on the wall using special screws.

Bathroom Mirrors

The location where the mirror is place purely depends on the owner. Some people prefer the mirror installed just above the sink. This way as you wash your hands you will be able to use the mirror and adjust your shirt color, ties. Ladies use this mirror to apply make ups and check whether their hair style is in good condition.

Bathroom mirrors can be installed as part of a cabinet door. This is a common design especially if your bathroom does not have enough space. The mirror is place on the outside panel of the door used to close a cabinet. This adds aesthetic value to the bathroom and is one of the unique designs preferred by many people.

Some of the famous bathroom mirrors shapes include, rectangle, triangle, round , oval, heart shaped mirrors among others. The shape anyone choose purely depends on their taste. Some bathroom designers may advice you on the best shape of mirror to install in the bathroom but you are free to change and install you own unique design. A big mirror in a small bathroom may make the room look big due to the reflections from the mirror. These are some of the techniques used by bathroom designers to make the small bathrooms look spacious.

bathroom mirrors can be very simple or decorative, it’s an essential component of a bathroom, the way natural and artificial light is reflected will definitely have an impact on the way the bathroom looks. it’s imperative to select a cool design for the mirror that will complement the fixtures and lighting that have been installed in the bathroom.

Some people may install one mirror while other may install a series of mirrors different in size and shapes. The mirror may be installed in a way that reflects the light in a good manner, making the bathroom look fancy and cool.

Bathroom mirrors placed on cabinets doors are multi-purpose in nature, you will be able to store your lotions, deodorant among other items and be able to check yourself out. Some of the mirrors may have a magnifying effect that makes you look bigger allowing you to check out small details and get the best view. A small sized vanity mirror may also serve the purpose and may look good.

In conclusion bathroom mirrors are a great addition to your bathroom; whichever your styles, design, shapes or preference just make sure your bathroom has nice mirrors. In case you are stuck with the choice of a mirror, check out some designs on the internet or engage a bathroom designer to assist you.